Patronka project explores potentials of animation techniques in the design process. Existing physical forces are mapped in the area (winds, river flows, traffic flows etc.) and from them a dynamic environment is created in Maya software. This environment is used to shape the form of designed buildings.

young blood

I’m a Young “Slowak” Architect! The Young Blood exhibition cycle organized by CCEA focused on a young generation of architects working in the space of Central Europe – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Slovenia.

digital folding

The purpose of the exercise is to model a paper-like structure in GC, using two different methods. Both methods should generate 3d structures constructed out of identical panels. Using it in real life is significant price-cutting factor, although there is a possibility of massive prototyping of individual elements nowadays.

balanced structure

Project study possibilities of computationally controlled dynamic structure. Each element of the structure is individually controlled to archive balanced structure in every moment. Project started at SmartGeometry2007 workshop.

paper folds

Explorations of non-plastic deformation on paper sheet were made to better understand their geometry. 2D sheet is cut through or just slightly (to create exact folding curve) and then folded into different 3D models. This models can be used to form more complex constructions, flexible or stable.
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